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    Youth Exchange in Poland
    Volunteer Call
    My Rights! My Story!
    A new COMPASS has arrived!!
    Call for NGO representatives to sit on the Advisory Council on Youth
    The good news is that the new EYF website was launched on 13 March:
    No Hate Speech Movement
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1   YouthPass http://www.youthpass.eu
2   The General Directorate for Youth Services http://www.ghdb.gov.tr
3   The Official Site Of Youth in Action Program http://ec.europa.eu/youth
4   Youth Studies Unit in Bilgi University (YSU) http://genclik.bilgi.edu.tr
5   SALTO-YOUTH http://www.salto-youth.net
6   European Youth Portal http://europa.eu/youth
7   EURODESK http://www.eurodesk.org
8   MY EVS Volunteer Blogs http://www.myevs.net
9   http://www.ua.gov.tr
10   http://www.ua.gov.tr
11   http://www.coe.int/T/E/Cultural_Co-operation/

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