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Ürünler »  Click the Social World - Grundtvig Workshop
Click the Social World
The workshop brought together 18 participants from 9 different countries in Izmir, Turkey. The objective of the workshop was encouraging directly learners and indirectly NGOs using social media tools in their active citizenship events and activities. Sub-aims were informing directly learners and indirectly NGOs about the benefits and importance of social media tools, and also creating a network about NGOs and learners who are working on active participation.

At the Workshop the social media tools, how to use them in an effective way was discussed. The learners were encouraged exchange information and using social media tools, contributing in the field of active citizenship and using social media tools for organizing campaigns on internet. They learned to prepare a blog page and basic web site publishing. Other social media tools (microblogging, facebook, mixxt, msn etc) were considered also. The project published in social media before, during and after the workshop. Thus, the project, itself was a practice for social media usage for NGOs. 

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